Drone Studies

Untitled (MAP) is a classified map of the largest offshore oil field in the world, located 265 kilometres north of Dhahran, Saudi Arabia where the artist spent her youth. The work is altered, folded and elongated, suggesting a subterranean mountain range or an active pulse line at the heart of geopolitical warfare. Untitled (MAP) speaks to the fact that surveillance does not live solely on a horizontal plane or two-dimensional map, but manifests as a vertical occupation on a scale that reaches from satellites in the sky to below the surface of the sea. Similar to the peaks and valleys of an electrocardiogram, Untitled (MAP) communicates data as a field of pulses or heartbeats. Folds are used to determine a three dimensional plane, continuing Waheed’s preoccupation with folding as a way of challenging both scale and space. Just as Still Against the Sky 1-3 (2015) makes use of folded pages to transform a boundless universe into a pocket-sized night sky, Untitled (MAP) is a scaled-down representation of contested oceanic geographies. Both occupy the cross-section of cosmology and geography.

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