Sea Change


[…] the distant treetops in the evening sky, not there, though flashing,

pierced full of tiny pinprick holes in the sky

there, the present

being elsewhere, you can almost rub elbows with it, you, not there,

this was the day it happened you say […]

Little pinpricks of light are visible through the cracks in the old wooden boards.  The surface of –You Are Everywhere (2013)- is nearly impenetrable, the sleep wood flush with the floor, above a black tin sheet that keeps illumination from us. Like Hajra’s collages, whose ordinary secrets are kept from us.  Light, simple understanding- it is everywhere.  When seen plainly, it is unremarkable.  The secret joy lies in obfuscation, in large moments of not knowing, and little glimmer of revelation, when mystery and potential is restored to the world.”

~ Excerpt from Sea Change, H.G. Masters, Experimenter Catalogue 2012-2013.

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