Sea Change

Within the next instalment of Sea Change, emerges Character 1: In the Rough. This work, a first chapter of sorts, slowly reveals the narration of the first of nine characters. It revolves around one man on a singular quest to find quartz crystals lost amongst rubble and rock. The US company General Time Corporation had, under contract by NASA, used quartz crystal for obtaining a stable time base from which all mission times could be derived. Because the crystal’s vibration remains unfaltering, quartz clocks are among the most precise timekeeping devices, losing less than one hundred thousandth of a second each day. The natural crystal is also an unsurpassed conductor of heat, light and ultraviolet rays, and in many cases can be used to direct light rays through bends and angles- an ideal component of precise scientific equipment.

Character 1: In the Rough is comprised by a series of manic field notes and pseudo-scientific drawings, geological maps and survey guides, returned love letters, dragged and left objects and spliced photographs and film. Much of the initial framework of this narrative has been directly sourced from existing visual material- in this case a large deck of photographic postcards from the 1930-40’s that were gifted to the artist. Many postcards from this period orientalized both people and places in the global south, however, the images become the catalyst, reclaiming new narratives with Waheed’s intervention.

Some fragments of Character 1 have yet to be realized. These works, however, provide an intimate reading on what we find when we dig deep and the possibilities we encounter, once we do.

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